Spoiler Alert is a mobile app based system designed to improve the way the food service industry labels, tracks and monitors the age of food product from fresh to finished. Built in alerts take the guesswork out of what stage the product is in, allowing owners and managers to monitor products over multiple locations. With this powerful tool you can eliminate waste, always be in compliance with food safety regulations, saving owners from fines, and always ensuring a fresh tasty product.


App Features

Labels, tracks and monitors the age of products from fresh to finished.

  • Easily configured and customizable for your products

  • Alerts on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

  • Free to share with any staff members you wish

  • Maintain compliance with food safety regulations

  • No more illegible handwritten labels and paper log sheets

  • QR code scanning for efficient product tracking

  • Export of label activity for long term archive or analysis

  • BONUS: use with our Eco-friendly “wash-away” labels (dissolve in just seconds!)

Tap or click here for more info

Tap or click here for more info

Easy Setup

Setting up your stores can be done entirely inside the App, or use your favorite spreadsheet for larger setups. Product detail, shelf life, product states and employees are all able to be entered in a spreadsheet and then imported into Spoiler Alert from either iCloud, DropBox or E-Mail. There are also industry standard products built in to get you started.

1. Download a sample template below.
2. Edit in a spreadsheet application to your store's requirements such as Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.
3. Save it as a comma-separated value (.CSV) format.
4. Place it into iCloud, Dropbox or E-mail it.
5. Import the finished tables into Spoiler Alert.

Start by viewing our store setup tutorials.

*NOTE: The templates below allow you to edit and bulk import products and employees using a Spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers) to import into Spoiler Alert. The same steps are used when bulk importing employees. The IMPORTANT thing you should note is:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT CHANGE TEXT IN 1ST LINE OF THESE TEMPLATES. These are the column headings and they MUST remain as is for your .csv file to import correctly into the Spoiler Alert App.

Headings for PRODUCTS should remain as: Product - Status - Expire - Expire Units

Headings for EMPLOYEES should remain as: Employee ID – Employee First Name – Employee Last Name – Print As – PIN

Download a product template
Download an employee template

Flexible and Expandable

Each Store can have:

Standard Store $9.99 month per store

  • 75 employees

  • 150 products

  • product states

  • Unlimited units of measure

Pro Store $49.99 month per store

  • Unlimited employees

  • Unlimited products

  • Unlimited product states

  • Unlimited units of measure

Customized settings:

  • Option to use 24 hour clock

  • Set variable timer to return to mail screen to avoid employees cheating and trying to remain on the print label screen

  • Custom alert message when product expires such as “Please handle this, then close the label”

  • Static Labels to print things like DO NOT USE, USE FIRST, SAVE FOR QA, etc...

  • Labels with an expiration date instead of a time period before expiration called “Dated”


Tap or click here to view a Example

Tap or click here to view a Example

Sharing is caring...

  • Each store purchases a subscription to Spoiler Alert.

  • Then product labels can be shared as much as you like.

  • Share from each store to yourself to consolidate multiple stores onto your iOS devices.

  • Share with managers or shift leads to keep a close eye on expiring product and act upon it in a timely manner.

  • Tap the diagram to the left to see an example.


Change once, update everywhere

Tap or click here to view a Example

Tap or click here to view a Example

Need to update a product?  Is a shelf life entered incorrectly?  Was a product recorded as waste?  Any changes to your stores labels are updated on every device automatically.  You'll always have up to date knowledge of the status of your product.  Tap the diagram to the right to see an example.




Each employee is assigned a PIN.  This is used to log who last handled your product.  Employees have a limited set of abilities. They can for instance print new product labels, re-print damaged product labels, print pre-defined static text labels and review, search and reprint existing labels.  Each action is logged and visible by the owner.

Owners have a password to a store that allows for customization, product and employee maintenance, export of label logs and detailed auditing of activity.  The password prevents employees from changing store settings or updating products.  Below is a complete list of abilities.

Employee Owner
Print product labels X
Re-print damaged product labels X
Print static labels Labels X
Mark labels as sold or waste X
Search labels X X
Scan labels X X
Change store settings X
Copy store X
Load industry templates X
Edit product states X
Edit unit of measures X
Edit products X
Import products from spreasheet X
Edit employees X
Import employees from spreadsheet X
Create static labels X
View label audit information X
Change status of label X
Export label log to spreadsheet X
Manually purge old labels from the system X



If you allow notifications, Spoiler Alert will send you an alert as product expires.  Regardless of where you are!  This means your watch, iPhone, iPad all receive the notification.  You know immediately if you have product that has expired and required handling.



More scanning less typing

Label Sample 1.jpg

Each label contains a QR code when it is printed.  When the time comes to close the label and mark it as sold or wasted, you simply scan the QR code to bring up that label.  In fact there is a mode to scan a series of labels marking each one as sold as they are scanned - no tapping required!



Track Waste

When each label is closed, it can be marked as sold or wasted.  If product is wasted, Spoiler Alert will track the waste quantity and reason for you.  This information can later be exported to a spreadsheet for long term records.

Record and track product waste.png