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FINALLY, a state-of-the-art product labeling and tracking system has arrived for the food industry. SPOILER ALERT! FOOD SAFETY is the perfect solution for any store that sells food or consumable related products. Easy to setup, easy to integrate, and easy to use. Designed to work on any iOS device running version 12.XX. This low cost app, labeling and tracking system will more than pay for itself in food cost and waste savings alone. Try it today!



Spoiler Alert App Features –

  • Modern cloud syncing App
  • Add your own products for your business
  • Add your employees each with unique PIN for tracking
  • Share stores with managers, shift leads, at no extra cost
  • Get notifications on your iOS devices when product goes out of age
  • Track waste with reason and employee ID
  • Quick setup via imports from spreadsheets with products, shelf life and employee tables
  • Export label history to archive a complete product life cycle
  • Quick QR barcode scanning when product is sold or wasted for quick processing
  • Physical labels wash completely away in 30 seconds under water (100% Earth friendly)



Spoiler Alert’s Exclusive Wash Away Labels –

  • Dissolve completely in seconds. Convenient, drop in tape rolls, for high-resolution printing, for crisp text and QR codes. No ink or toner needed.
  • Zero waste!
  • Zero additional labor!
  • 100% Water Soluble, Dissolves easily and completely in any water temperature
  • Leaves no adhesive residue and dissolves in 30 seconds
  • Perfect for reusable containers, cambros, food containers, Certified “Green”
  • Works in environments from -40° to 176°F
  • Rolls 2.4 in x 100 ft (62 mm x 30.4 m) Prints Black on White
  • Each roll will produce about 600 labels
  • Each label is approximately 2.4 inches wide by 2 inches tall


Wireless Printer Features –

  • The Brother QL-820NWB wireless label printer offers easy connectivity – print from virtually anywhere or share on a network
  • Ultra-fast, printing up to 110 labels per minute
  • Convenient, drop in tape rolls. No ink or toner needed
  • Reusable Thermal Label Cartridge (*needed for use with our exclusive wash away labels)
  • Optional Li-ion battery for a complete mobile solution
  • High-resolution (up to 300 x 600 dpi) printing, for crisp text and graphics
  • Use the automatic cutter for precise cuts after each label is printed so there is virtually no waste



From Fresh…

Spoiler Alert is a mobile application, labeling and tracking system that allows you to label, track and monitor the age of food and consumable products from fresh to finished. Easily configured for your products, built in alerts take the guesswork out of what stage your product is in allowing owners and managers to monitor, even over multiple locations. With this powerful tool you can eliminate waste and maintain compliance with food safety regulations – preventing fines and ensuring you are always serving a fresh tasty product. Easy to setup, easy to integrate and easy to use, this invaluable app and labeling system will more than pay for itself in food cost, time and waste savings.


To Finished.

Spoiler Alert features a unique label and tracking system, featuring eco-friendly “wash-away” labels that adhere to any container, and dissolve completely under running water (in just seconds). Easily print legible labels allowing employees to see at-a-glance: the product’s state date/time and expiration date/time. QR code scanning tells the system when product is sold or wasted for quick processing. Customize and import your products and employee information and export label activity for long term archive or analysis. The information provided by Spoiler Alert, allows owners and managers to make better decisions on product reorder points and prevent waste by acting before product goes out of date. Spoiler Alert! This is the food safety app you’ve been waiting for.



to EFFECTIVELY change the way the food service industry labels, tracks and monitors the age of food product from fresh to finished.